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Galery: Workshop in Darmstadt 2018

QM-FORMa wants to thank all the participants in the event and the fantastic speakers who contributed to the amazing success of this event.

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Joseba Bilbatua, Senior Manager Innovation & Technology MONDRAGON CORPORATION

Here you can check out some of the presentations:

Raquel Lizárraga, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden.
Daniele Selli, University of Milano-Biccoca, Milan, Italy.
Diana Iusan, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden.
Hongbing Zhang, TU Darmstadt, Darmatdt, Germany.
Gilles De Wijs, Radboud University, Netherlands.
Joseba Bilbatua, Mondragon Corporation, Spain.
Rene Verhoef, Teijinaramid, Netherlands.
Gemma Vall-Llosera, Ericsson, Sweden.
Erik Holmström, Sandvik Coroman, Sweden.

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