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Design a new material at the Quantum Mechanical level – atom by atom

A step closer to innovation

The virtual laboratory

QM FORMa is a network of word leading experts who can design new materials, using first principles Quantum Mechanics calculations.
Let us walk you through the process of working with us.

The case

Do you have an issue concerning the design of a material? Are you insecure of whether your issue can be solved by modelling? Send us an email and explain your problem/question.

Contact us


We will meet your research team and help you define your problem. If we find that we can assist you by using modelling techniques, then further meetings can be arranged to understand the problem in more detail, determine what avenue to follow and which partner of the network has the competence that suits your problem best.

Our research teams


Depending on the time-scale for these investigations we can set up quantum mechanical calculations for any material or a series of materials, then calculate specific properties of interest to help you to solve your problem.

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Delivering solutions

By analysing our results we will be able to deliver an answer. Since computer modelling can be viewed as a ’virtual laboratory’ your solution can be a pre-study over a wide range of materials to narrow down the possibilities to few candidates. The solution of your problem may also be the understanding of a property that can be used to tune your products.

Case stories